Where to get a medical examination?

If you are a resident of Pskov and want to undergo a medical examination in 1 day, then you must contact one of the organizations:

- "Honey Profi" (link:, address: Pskov, Rokossovsky St., 34A, second floor. Phone. 55-45-22, Working hours: Mon - Fri. from 9: 00-18: 00, the cost of 600 rubles);

- "Leader" (link:, address: Pskov, Sovetskaya St., 52, Phone: 8-900-996-82-80, Working hours: Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 18:00, Sat - from 9.00 to 14.00, the cost of 600 rubles)

You need to start the medical examination in the morning. A passport must be presented at the medical facility and payment made. You will receive a form for a medical report. Then you go to the State Budgetary Health Institution "Narcological Dispensary of the Pskov Region" (Pskov, Chudskaya St., d. No. 4a), where you go through a narcologist and psychiatrist (cost 500 rubles). If your registration is not in the city of Pskov, then take certificates from the doctors at the place of registration. Analyzes are taken on business days until 12:00.

After that, you return to the medical organization, where they give you the final medical report.

For residents of Pechora:

- you apply to the SEI "Pechora District Hospital" (Pechory, Naberezhnaya Str., No. 22, cost 750
rubles) and go through the medical commission. You also need to have a passport with you.

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Where to get a medical examination? картинка
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