A driving school of the All-Russian Society of Motorists has been training drivers in Pskov since 1975 as in the most common category "B", categories "A", "B", "AB", "BC", "C", "CE" The main emphasis in our activities is on the quality of training.        

 We DO NOT teach "to pass the traffic police exam," we DO NOT provide illegal assistance in obtaining "rights." We train drivers and the requirements for students are very high. Yes, we will have to study at our driving school. But the result will be a feeling of confidence and comfort on our heavy, difficult, sometimes, roads. Well, and, of course, an exam passed on your own!        

 The goal of the theoretical course in our driving school is to KNOW the rules of the road, and not the ability to find the right option for the test question.         

Our other distinguishing feature is additional courses designed to help a novice driver in mastering this difficult craft, covering those issues for the detailed consideration of which there simply is not enough time in the theoretical course. In practical exercises, we returned to the “well-forgotten old” - installed a new modern simulator. The car training complex allows you to develop coordination and mobility of the student’s foot when pedaling, to study and bring to automaticity the shift shifter, to simulate various conditions of urban traffic (winding road, busy highway, overtaking). And only after the cadet gets comfortable on the simulator, he reboots into the training car. For students, a choice of front-wheel and rear-wheel drive cars of Russian and foreign production is offered.

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