Special course "Restoring car driving skills"

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The program of the course to restore and improve driving skills is intended for those who have a driver’s license, but for some reason are not sure of their driving skills (for a long time did not drive a car, is afraid of going out after an accident, etc. ) Figuratively speaking, driving skills restoration classes are a course of driver “rehabilitation” and adaptation to modern road conditions.

Why exactly us?

-Individual approach
- Ability to choose the format of classes (course or hourly)
- Practice any of your routes
- Not just experienced instructors, but trainers of the highest category
- Classes at the site, in the city and on the country road
- Classes both on the instructor’s car and on your personal car

Classes can be held both as part of the course and by the hour. In the first lesson, you and the instructor can determine the approximate number of hours of classes based on your previous skills and wishes.

All topics are sorted out during the training process, due to which an understanding of the process immediately appears (what you do, how and why you need it this way), the restoration of lost driving skills is faster, and the amount of acquired information is many times more than with regular training.

Стоимость: 800 RUB


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Оценка: 5, Голосов: 2,

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