Providing a car for the exam in the traffic police

Providing a car for the exam in the traffic police image
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A good tone and concern for the students of a driving school is the opportunity to bring the student not just to the end of the educational institution by taking internal exams, handing out a certificate and leaving him alone with a piece of paper, but bring it to the traffic police and get a driver’s license.
The service "escort" in the traffic police, is much better than providing an on-duty examination car, which is often not in very good condition.
Every graduate of a driving school wants to take it on the car on which he studied and we can provide such an opportunity. This is very important for novice drivers: they get used to “their” car, “feel” its dimensions, know at what level the clutch starts to act, and just feel more confident in it than in any other.

Cost of providing a car:
- to the circuit - 800 rubles
-in the city - 800 rubles

Стоимость: 800 RUB


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Оценка: 5, Голосов: 3,

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