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We passed the training, got the rights, went on the road. Well done! Do you know how to communicate with the traffic police?!?! - Completed 31.12.2019

The traffic police inspector stopped you. So, what is next? Run towards him or immediately set up the registrar on him? Turn around and leave? Do I need to get into the car to the inspector and can I take it to my mobile? Let's figure it out)

The inspector came out of the bushes and stopped you
What to do in this situation? Maybe you don’t have to stop at all? Before hiding and ambush was not possible for traffic cops, but now it’s possible. Here is an excerpt from the regulation: “In order to provide traffic supervision in hazardous sections of the road, as well as in cases of monitoring traffic using means of photo, video recording of traffic violations, a patrol car can be placed in places with limited visibility natural fractures of the terrain, road bends, as well as elements of the arrangement of the road network. ”

2. The inspector stops you with his wand and is already coming towards you

Of course, you can run out to meet the inspector, but it is better to stay in the car, because you are not required to leave. Moreover, if you go out, the inspector may suspect you of something bad. For example, in the fact that you are drunk and went outside so that the smell of fumes was not so noticeable.

3. The inspector introduced himself, but not clearly enough, or you just didn’t hear

What to do in this situation? Close your eyes to this, because you will never see this inspector again and do not want to bother yourself with unnecessary information or ask again? Of course, you can also close your eyes, but if you ask again in a polite (this is important) form, this will make the inspector understand that there will be no concessions if he does not comply with the regulations, and this will negate the possible familiarity from the inspector.

4. The inspector asks to blow into the tube

What to do in this situation? Deny and say that you don’t drink at all or obediently blow? Or maybe even ask first to blow the inspector and demand all the documents for the device? As always, you can do as you please, but the best way out of this situation is to blow into the device, but before that make sure that the inspector took out and installed a new mouthpiece from the sealed bag.

5. The policeman begins to communicate with you on “you” and raises his voice

Unpleasant situation - after all, he is a representative of the authorities, and you are a simple driver. And what to do? Also switch to "you" and increased tone? I would recommend that the inspector be reminded of the regulations: “In a conversation with road users, an employee must be polite, objective and tactful, contact them“ you ”, express their requirements and comments in a convincing and understandable form, excluding the possibility of mistaken or double their understanding, Show calm and restraint ... Explanations ... should be given without moralizing, convincingly and clearly with reference to the relevant requirements of the Rules of the road and other regulatory legal acts. "

6. The inspector asks to open the hood or trunk, supposedly to check the VIN code

Sometimes it happens. But what to do when this request concerns you personally? You can, of course, go towards the inspector and show that under your hood and in the trunk you have nothing to hide. However, this is at your own peril and risk. By law, this is called an inspection, and the inspector must have good reasons for the inspection and he must indicate them in the inspection protocol, which you must remind him to draw up. And he must shoot everything on video or find two witnesses. If the inspector says that this is not an inspection, but just an inspection, then remind him that he can inspect the car only by going around it outside and looking into the passenger compartment through the windows.

7. You decided to remove the inspector and his actions on video

But is it possible? Need to ask his permission? Or is it better to sit and keep quiet so as not to run into something? On the one hand, a traffic cop may begin to impede filming and say that under Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (disobedience to the lawful order of a police officer) may hold you liable. On the other hand, the absence in the administrative regulation of the norm that traffic police officers should not impede filming does not cancel your constitutional right as a citizen to freely seek, receive, transmit and produce information legally. And the traffic police leadership confirms that there is no ban on the filming of traffic police inspectors during execution.

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