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You will need a driver license more than ever! - Completed 31.12.2019

In such weather, you want to wrap yourself in something warm and not leave your home .. or you can choose another option: get in the car with family / friends / your beloved dog and arrange a trip!
In this case, you will need a driver’s license more than ever (because they open up new horizons)

Of course we do not promise limousines, but we want and can help with obtaining a driver’s license!

Category "B"

 Cost of education:
Manual transmission - 17 800 rubles (excluding discounts)
Automatic transmission - 19 800 rubles (excluding discounts)

The recruitment of groups has already begun:
Evening Group - the beginning of 07/01/2019
Weekend group - start of 07/13/2019

 Tuition: 21,000 rubles (excluding discounts)

Beginning of training from 05.07.2019

Category "A, A1"

 Cost of education:
Category A, A1 - 8 000 rubles (excluding discounts)

experienced teachers and instructors
your racetrack, where you will pass the exam in the traffic police
examination support, and much more ..

We train 15% cheaper all July with one-time payment
Groups are recruited daily

Contacting us is easy:
 Pskov, Paromenskaya, 8a

The choice, of course, is yours, and we recommend choosing heat))



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