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Friends! Regardless of whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, you are a road user! Be careful! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! - Completed 20.09.2019

On July 20, a six-year-old girl was hit by a car on Truda Street in Pskov. The accident occurred at about 15:20 near the church of Kozma and Damian from Primosti. According to preliminary information, the driver of the ZAZ car born in 1956 hit a pedestrian - a girl born in 2013, who crossed the road with her father through an unregulated pedestrian crossing. The girl was hospitalized with bruises and concussion.

Details are reported by the girl’s father on the page on the social network:

“The car is almost at full speed, after emergency braking knocked down my child at an unregulated pedestrian crossing at the church of Kozma and Damian from Primosti! Fortunately, by a miracle, we were not only alive, but also “escaped” with a concussion and abrasions! ..
How many times have I explained to my daughter the rules for crossing the roadway, told various stories about children and adults who were shot down, but for some reason we always think that this happens somewhere on the streets and in the traffic police reports, that other people get into an accident apparently they were not careful and violated traffic rules ... And when it happens to you, especially to your child ... When in front of your eyes he flies off like a doll 5 meters from the bumper of a car and falls onto the asphalt lifelessly, the first 5 seconds you are in a daze, the thought in these seconds is one: "that's it! it's the end!" And only when you take your child in your arms and hear cry and understand that you are alive - does life come back to you ...
Life taught me three lessons in 15 minutes spent on the roadway over my downed daughter:
1) Life is so easy to lose, so unsteady, fleeting and unpredictable, that even in my most philosophical judgments about the frailty of being and the fine line between life and death, I could not clearly imagine how subtle it was, and sometimes instantly! You can imagine and understand as much as you like, but until you worry, all this is empty! ..
2) No matter how hard it was with the children, no matter how they strain you and take them out with their whims, whining and asking, if you lose them, you will give everything in order to return the children with their whims, whining and asking!
3) Be careful three times when crossing the roadway, even at a traffic light! Stop and make sure the transition is safe! Spend an extra minute, otherwise you will spend weeks and months in the hospital, and perhaps spend all your life right away!
And, drivers, damn you, where are you flying?! .. A car is a means of increased danger, a weapon in careless hands!
Take care of yourself and your life !!! "

Source: Pskov driving

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